The Cultural climate in Paris is arguably the most important in the world. With the greatest collection of museums in Europe, a thriving theater community, a cutting edge music scene, Paris is a destination for culture lovers the world over.

This makes Paris a target for savvy investors, and with the city currently poised for explosive growth, the time to take advantage is now. We can guide you toward investments that can be both lucrative and soul enriching.


Our office is located in one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods in Paris, Le Marais. From medieval towers, to the modern Georges Pompidou Center, the Marais is filled with buildings of historical and architectural significance.

We also represent properties in many of  the other famous neighborhooods of Paris, like St. Germain des Prés, the old intellectual and artistic center, with it's winding streets, art galleries, and cafés, the Champs Elysées, the luxury shopping capital of Europe, Montmartre, with it's hilly streets at the foot of the magnificient Sacre Couer,  as well as the old aristocratic quartiers of Passy and Trocadero.


Paris is famous for it's beautiful parks, such as the Place des Vosges in the Marais, known for it's beautiful green lawns and fountains, Le Jardin des Tuileries, facing the Louvre, The Parc Monceau, with it's 18th century architecture, and of course, the Jardin de Luxembourg, built by Marie de Medici, home of the French Senate, where children sail toy boats across it's famous fountain. 


Paris probably has the most beautiful museums in the world. The Louvre, an old palace of the Bourbons, has an unparalleled collection of art from around the world. The Musée D'Orsay, built in an old Railroad hub, has probably the most important collection of 19th century French art in the world, including the Impressionoists, Van Gogh, Gaugin, and Ingres.

The Musée Kwok-On is located near the famous St. Paul Cathedral and has amassed a fabulous collection of items relating to Asian theater and traditions. On display are costumes, musical instruments, masks and shadow puppets from China, India, Japan and Southeast Asia.


If you’re looking to be enveloped within the Paris contemporary art scene, an afternoon meandering through the labyrinthine streets of the Marais will be well rewardedFrom Galerie Marian Goodman, who is considered to be one of the most influential art dealers of the 20th century, to Galerie Perrotin, which has become an icon of the contemporary art scene in Paris.

From there, head across the river to St. Germain des Prés, known for it's galleries specializing in African tribal art, and then back over the river to Belleville, where young, cutting edge European artists are beginning their careers. 


Some of the best musical experiences in Europe can be had in Paris. Experience the essential jazz club scene at the Cave du 38 Riv' -- in a small cellar, teeming with hipsters, you'll feel like you're about to rub shoulders with Dexter Gordon or Chet Baker. The Quiet Man has Celtic music evenings several times a week, where Irish expats and native Parisians enjoy the best whiskey in town. 

No visit to Paris can be complete without a visit to the Paris Opera, a gorgeous interior hosting a galaxy of stars of the classical music world. 


Going to the theatre makes for one of the best nights out in Paris.  You can see shows in French or English from new and avant garde, going back to the ones that first opened 400 years ago.  

Theatre des Blancs Manteaux is a starting point for many new talents today.  It offers an eclectic program of comedy sketches, stand-up, duets and burlesque.  The Grand Marais Playhouse is a non-profit community theater dedicated to providing high quality theater and educational opportunities. Cafe de la Gare is the most famous fringe theatre in Paris and has been open in the Marais since 1968. 

Looking for an indoor circus?  The Cirque d’hiver Bouglione with a summer and winter circus serves complete with tigers, horses and clowns. 


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