"We found a short-term rental through Ruben, and he was super helpful. It was hard navigating the French system and he made it all easy. Later we decided to move to France permanently, and we went back to Ruben, and working with him was a dream. He walked us through the process, making the entire transaction easy."   -- John Kelly

"I moved to France temporarily, and then I decided to buy a place. I tried to figure it out. I had a good job, but still it was difficult. After meeting Ruben and Bryan, they were able to help me find a place, and I bought my first home in Paris!" -- Christopher Soros

"Ruben helped us enormously. I totally recommend him."  -- Del Steyer

"We wanted to find our dream house in Paris, and after almost a year searching, we came upon Ruben's agency, and within two weeks we had found exactly what we were looking for.  He made everything easy, from finding our place to financing, he even helped us find decorators. Great experience!" Ed and Mil Hildebrandt, Paris


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Welcome to Home Hunting 
by Ruben !

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