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The Parisian market is very difficult, it is not so simple to buy the ideal home without professional support.

It’s impossible to know who is really representing your interests, fighting any legal issues, and ensuring you are getting the best price possible without a good Home Hunter.

Between laborious research, expensive travel, disappointment of previewing properties, the acquisition process is often a real estate challenge.

At Home Hunting by Ruben, we know how precious your time is.

  • Diagnosis of your project by our experts
  • Full market research
  • Careful preselection
  • Visit qualified homes
  • Professional negotiation
  • Offers to buy at the best price
  • Management of administrative procedures
  • Strong professional network connections (financing, notary, etc.)
  • Personal Home Hunter for You!

The advantages of our Home Hunters

Pay only for success

You only pay if our Home Hunters manage to find you the ideal property. You are guaranteed not to pay a single penny for inconclusive visits. You pay only if you become an official owner: you do not take any risk.

Benefit from the power of our professional network

The Paris real estate market is known for being very closed and difficult to enter. A large and spread out city, it takes a lot to find your hidden pearl. You can rely on our network, and our ability to respond immediately. You can be assured to have 100% market access to all of the exclusive properties in the city.

Time saving

We handle the negotiations, and we will get you the best price and conditions for buying your dream property. Our expert appraisers will determine the best price, and we commit to getting you the best results possible. Our service partners are here to help you through each step of the process. You will find real savings through our comprehensive professional network.

Simplify the management of your real estate project

Our experts will keep your project moving forward, and we will maintain organization to ensure everything goes smoothly. We will facilitate your project in its entirety: administrative management, planning visits, monitoring negotiations. You save valuable time and we handle all of the stress for you.


Analysis of your project

For each real estate project, our agents will meet with you in person to ascertain your needs and desires, along with your budget and investment strategy.

It is necessary to study the project as a whole (budget, size of property, number of rooms, financing, possible improvements, etc.) to ensure its the best property for you.

Once our real estate agents have outlined the property characteristics you require, we will research the market and work through our network to find it for you.


Looking for the ideal home

Our international team in Paris is looking for your ideal property by taking into account your search requirements and your objectives.

Our experts will give you access to the entire market, and they will arrange special visits to any featured properties in our network.

Calls, reminders, pre-visits of real estate, everything is checked and supervised.

Searching usually does not exceed 30 days.


Visits to selected properties

We organize the best real estate visits according to your availability.

We want to limit the number of unnecessary visits and expensive travel for you.

The properties we present to you will match your research criteria, and we will have additional information prepared for you on each property so that you can make a solid decision.

It usually takes less than three visits for our future buyers to find their dream home.


Negotiations and signing the purchase contract

We will help you negotiate the best purchase price and conditions to acquire your property.

You will have access to our professional network of real estate service providers (financing, notary, etc.) with the best terms.

An appraisal of each property will allow us to make the best offer for your purchase.

Our Home Hunters will accompany you throughout the entire process including the signing of the purchase agreement and the handing over of the keys to you. We will guarantee your purchase is finalized.


Celebration and Champagne

Once our mission is accomplished, we invite you to celebrate the purchase of your property with a delicious bottle of Champagne.

Because it is essential for us to find your perfect property for you, we want to enjoy and share the success of each home with our customers.

You are happy, and so are we!

A word from our founder

Ruben Elmaleh

Founder & CEO

Always passionate about real estate, I started this adventure 15 years ago.

After a long stay in the United States, I was able to familiarize myself with the American market and how to meet new business clients. After arriving back in Paris, full of enthusiasm and energy, I created my own rental agency.

Since its creation, I have developed trust and a true connection with my client-owners. It goes beyond just rental management, they started to ask me to manage all of their real estate transactions. So I expanded my business, and I took over a real estate agency.

Located in the famous Le Marais district, I am able to meet all of your expectations in terms of research, investment, transaction and management. It’s very common, everyone is short on time and unable to figure out the complicated real estate process. Our real estate Home Hunters really become a perfect solution for finding your ideal home at the lowest price possible. My French and foreign investor clients’ requests for advice about owning and investing in Paris have become more and more frequent.

With my real estate and administrative background, and through my connections with banks, credit agencies and notaries, I am able to meet the high expectations of my clients by finding them their exclusive property.


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